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New To The Neighborhood
Manufacturers’ Product Innovations Showcase
By Sarah Scaglione


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Breaking Ground
Trends, Legislation, Certification Programs & News

Editor's Space
By Gary Reber

Electronic Lifestyles

Ultimate Electronic Lifestyle
Home Theatre Luminary Sam Runco's Home Vision
By Gary Reber

Z-Wave 101
New Standard For Home Controls
By Yan Rodriguez

Energy Efficiency

Energy-Saving PowerHouse
By Gary Reber

Solar Water Heating...A Sure Bet
By Norm Ehrlich

Building America's Borrego Springs Project
By Rob Hammon, Ph.D.

Green Build

So You Want A LEED® Home...
What's It Going To Take To Get One Built? Part III
By Jay Hall, Ph.D. & Ann V. Edminster, M. Arch.

Optimum Performance Home

The First Optimum Performance Home™
Mechanical Infrastructure, Part V
By Gary Reber

The Mechanical Engineer's Role
By Lisa Meline, PE

Sustainable Lifestyles

A New Age-Friendly Design Challenge
By Ayala Rahav

Ultimate Home Design
September - October 2006
Issue 5

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