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Breaking Ground
Trends, Legislation, Certification Programs & News

Editor's Space
By Gary Reber

New To The Neighborhood
Manufacturers’ Product Innovations Showcase
By Sarah Scaglione

Energy Efficiency

Residential Solar Electric Systems Q&A
By Gary Reber

Fire Protection

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Integral To State-Of-The-Art Homes
By Darren Palmieri

Green Build

The Green Building Initiative™
Working To Bring Green To The Mainstream
By Ward Hubbell

So You Want A LEED® Home...
What's It Going To Take To Get One Built? Part II
By Ann V. Edminster, M. Arch. & Jay Hall, Ph.D

LivingHomes™—Building Green Prefab Homes
By Gary Reber

Biophilic Design
For The First Optimum Performance Home
By Julie Stewart-Pollack, ASID, IDEC

Optimum Performance Home

The First Optimum Performance Home™
Site Planning -- Part IV
By Gary Reber

Universal Design

Universal Design Homes Continue To Grow
As A Popular Approach In New Home Construction
By Ray Adams

Universal Design Living Laboratory
By Rosemarie Rossetti

Water Conservation

Got Water? Rain Harvesting Remembered And Redefined
By Terry J. McMains

Ultimate Home Design
July - August 2006
Issue 4

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