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  Download: Ultimate Home Design March - April 2006


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Breaking Ground
Trends, Legislation, Certification Programs & News

Editor's Space
Reflections & Directions
By Gary Reber

New To The Neighborhood
Manufacturers’ Product Innovations Showcase
By Sarah Scaglione

Green Build

Rainforest Alliance -- Guide To Green Building Wood Sources
By Rick Hilton

Green Building Boom Resulting In Rating Systems Confusion
By Charles Kibert, PhD

Optimum Performance Home

The New American Home®
By Gary Reber

The First Optimum Performance Home™
Site Planning -- Part II
By Gary Reber

Sustainable Lifestyles

Age-Friendly Home Design -- Adapting Homes For Independent Lifestyles
By Andy Willcox

Universal Design

The Architect’s Role As Designer And Implementer
By Gary Reber

Universal Design -- Don’t Buy, Build, Or Remodel Without It
By Susan Mack, OTR/L, CAPS

Water Conservation

Maximum Performance (MaP) -- Testing Of Toilet Models
By William Gauley & John Koeller

Ultimate Home Design
March - April 2006
Issue 2

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