Our Mission
The mission of Ultimate Home Design® is to serve as a catalyst for homeowners to create demand for architects, designers, and builders to adopt the concepts and building practices that define human-centered, optimum performance home design.

Our Focus

Ultimate Home Design® is aimed at homeowners and leading-edge building trade practitioners. This new consumer and trade magazine will serve as a design and build resource for environmentally enhanced lifespan living. The magazine embraces the "Ultimate Home Design" concept, which recognizes, respects, values, and attempts to accommodate the broadest possible spectrum of human abilities, regardless of age, ability, or physical stature, in the ergonomic design of products and environments that are easier to use and more aesthetically appealing, while optimally integrating sustainable green building practices and minimizing the overall impact on the natural environment. We aim to provide a responsible philosophy to home building.

Our Readership

Ultimate Home Design® is aimed at forward-looking homeowners who want to understand the home system choices available to them to design homes that optimize environmentally enhanced lifespan living. Our readers control the market share and drive direct sales of materials, products, and services. They also actively engage in research to specify the smart features they desire in their homes. As a result, these homeowners influence the builders, architects, and designers they work with in designing a custom home, targeting a tract home, or remodeling an existing home that meets their personal requirements and needs. UHD will also serve as an informational resource to further educate architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and developers on the numerous facets entailed in designing and building "Optimum Performance Homes®."